From what began as a passionate hobby being documented on Instagram back in 2012 alongside her fashion, modelling and merchandising career.. Bake Me Cake Me is now an online and retail cookie and cake store founded by young entrepreneur; Zoe Demkiw. 

Rolling back to 2017, Zoe quit her full time fashion career and moved to NYC on quite a whim to fulfil her sweet treat dream. 

Baking for Aussie style cafes including Two Hands and Hole In The Wall, curating video content for Satin Ice and food blogging as the New York correspondent for Food news (previously known as Urbanspoon), Zoe fell even more in love with her hustling and culinary life.

"NYC was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. Dreams really DOUGH come true in the big city!”

After returning to her home in Melbourne, Aus in 2018, Zoe decided to take her passion full time and create her first online cookie business. 

Drawing inspiration from her travels which can be clearly tasted in all of her desserts especially her signature NYC Chunk cookies..

Returning to New York in 2019, Zoe worked alongside and for her number one culinary inspiration; Christina Tosi at the iconic Milkbar Classroom in Brooklyn, NY. 

Come Spring 2021, Zoe opened her open her first flagship, retail store in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Bake Me Cake Me retail is a full sensory experience where life is always celebrated. 

No occasion is too big or small to enjoy a sweet treat, by anyone for anyone. 

The spirit at Bake Me Cake Me is “Welcome, come in!” Immerse yourself in our experience, enjoy and taste our epic sweet treats to make life just that little bit sweeter. 

No one is too young or too old to enjoy a Bake Me Cake Me product. Life is certainly too short not to enjoy that cookie; the best one you’ll ever eat..