Marbled Colour Emboss


The marble colour emboss suits any cookie occassion!

Choose between Vanilla, Dark Choc Sea Salt cookies or a mixture! 

Pick your shape between love heart, standard round or royal. Each cookie comes with your choice of coloured MARBLE fondant icing and your choice of embossed messages (between 3 - 20). Compliment your cookie design? Add sprinkle packaging to your order. This can be found in the in the cookie boutique.

Some marble colours include light pink, hot pink, blue, yellow, Sunset Orange, Tiffany Blue, turquoise, red, black, navy blue and grey. 


REGULAR Embossers:
Line 1: 1 - 7 characters
Line 2: 1 - 9 characters
Line 3: 1 - 7 characters
MINI Embossers:
Line 1: 1 - 10 characters
Line 2: 1 - 12 characters
Line 3: 1 - 10 characters

Note** The less characters the better the overall cookie design looks. Bake Me Cake Me will determine which size embosser works best for the cookie text. 

Please state your desired messages in the Notes section at checkout. 

Life's short, eat the cookie! Xx