The Baby Shower


These gorgeous baby shower cookies are one of Bake Me Cake Me's signature cookie designs. 

Choose between Vanilla shortbread, Dark Choc Sea Salt cookies or a mix! 

Pick your shape between love heart, standard round or royal. Each cookie comes with your choice of coloured fondant icing, gold or silver leaf, embossed messages and royal icing baby decorations. Please state your chosen colour of fondant (up to two), embossed messages and choice of baby girl, boy or unisex decorations in the Notes section at checkout and specify the date you need your cookies for.  

All "Baby Girl" cookies will come with pink royal icing decorations.

All "Baby Boy" cookies will come with blue royal icing decorations.

All "Unisex" cookies will come with a mix of pink and blue royal icing decorations.

BUYING 12+ COOKIES: [ Includes up to 6 different embossed messages ] 
BUYING 50+ COOKIES: [ Includes up to 10 different embossed messages ]
BUYING 100+ COOKIES: [Includes up to 20 different embossed messages ] 


Regular stamps:
Line 1: 1 - 7 characters
Line 2: 1 - 9 characters
Cursive stamps:
Line 1: 1 - 7 characters
Line 2: 1 - 5 characters

Note** The less characters the better the overall cookie design looks. 

You will be notified within 24 hours if your order cannot be completed. 

Please book at least 7 days prior to your event to ensure cookie confirmation. 

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