BMCM and The City

I couldn't help but wonder.. what inspired this new cookie collection.

Well, Zoe's favourite TV series of course ~ Sex And The City!

Introducing 4 new delicious flavours of NYC Chunk cookies ranging from raspberry blondies, red velvet, raspberries and cream to all things NY tasting.. including chocolate chip, pretzel and freshly ground coffee.

Inspired by the show's iconic characters, let us introduce you to our F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S newbies:

The Carrie, The Miranda, The Samantha and The Charlotte.

"I'd like a cheeseburger, large fries and a Cosmopolitan!"


Next pre orders shipping Monday 20th September

Bake Me Cake Me & Liptember

$10 from every cookie box sold this September will be supporting Liptember ~ A campaign dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women's mental health, harnessing the true potential of the collective, encouraging and inspiring people to listen, share, and learn.

The funds raised during the month are donated to a range of Impact Partners who deliver carefully selected women's mental health programs, initiatives, support services and research.

May we collectively advocate this on behalf of the strong, independent women we are raised to be today and for the younger generations to come.

Click here to donate directly to the Bake Me Cake Me sponsor page or show your support by purchasing our NYC Chunk cookies below!

Bake Me Cake Me supporting Liptember

"May we collectively advocate the importance of women’s mental health on behalf of the strong, independent women we are raised to be today and for the younger generations to come."

Nyc Chunk

Throughout my time in NYC travelling for work and for fun, devouring deliciousness all around the city.. I came across the chunky cookie trend. Palm sized and half baked, chocolate chip cookies. Crunchy and golden on the outside and soft, gooey and fudgey in the centre.

Enjoy my take on the classic NY style chunky cookie with flavours I love, inspired by nostalgic times in my life.

Hand made from scratch, 125g ea, using premium ingredients and made with love. When each cookie is baked it's sent out that same day.

So do yourself a favour and take a trip down memory lane (or Bleecker St) with me. 

Cake Chat

Yes, we make cakes not just cookies! So many of our cakes are custom designed and made to order so it's best to contact the team by clicking here for any cake and cupcake enquiries. We can't wait to design, bake and create something amazing and unique just for you!