About Zoe

Welcome to Bake Me Cake Me!


All sweet treats are hand mixed, made, folded, baked, decorated and packaged by creator and founder, Zoe Demkiw. 

Bake Me Cake Me began as a hobby back in 2011 after Zoe graduated from Visual Merchandising at RMIT. When her older brother and sister began having families of their own, Zoe would be their go to cake maker for family events and birthdays. 

From then she started her Instagram page @bakemecakeme to feature all of her cake decorating and for years it was always her hobby and passion. 

Zoe worked in fashion retail and visual merchandising for over 10 years and on the weekends would make cakes, cupcakes, cookies and all things sweet for her friends, family and now regular customers. 

In 2017 Zoe quit her full time job and on quite a whim decided to move to NYC and follow her cake dream. Living there for 6 months, working in an Aussie style cafe making sweet treats, working part time for Satin Ice and Urbanspoon. 

"NYC was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. I met so many amazing people along the way (also a few crazy people!). I really couldn't believe that I was able to somewhat survive in that big concrete jungle and really pursue what I wanted most in life. Working for Satin Ice in particular, as their video talent and tutorial curator, cake demonstrator and instructor was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will be forever grateful for this experience and I will continue to cherish this amazing milestone. Dreams really DOUGH come true over in the big city!" - Zoe Demkiw 

After returning from her travels, Zoe began to focus whole heartedly on her business and as of May 2018 she decided to take the leap of faith and take on Bake Me Cake Me full time. 

Now that small side hobby has turned into an online cookie store, made to order cake business and sweet as cookie vendor.. Literally she has a PINK COOKIE VENDING MACHINE YOU CAN HIRE..

In 2019, Zoe had the opportunity to work alongside her number one inspiration, Christina Tosi at the Milk Bar Classroom in New York. Zoe continues to partner with and maintain strong relationships with regular clients including Universal Pictures, Bonne Maman, L'Oreal, NYX Cosmetics, Forever New and Ted Baker. 

So if you haven't, follow her @bakemecakeme and let her Insta feed you, shop her cookie collections online or enquire about a RAD cake for your next event.

Best way to get in contact? Click the contact link below and talk sugar to me! Xx Zoe